You must know that: The cattery is subject to inspections by the DIRECTION DEPARTEMENTALE DES SERVICES VETERINAIRES For health and hygiene purposes, we only accept healthy cats :

- Identification by electronic chip (is obligatory since the 17th May 2011) for all cats.

- The necessary vaccines are the following : Typhus (feline infectious enteritis "FIE"), coryza (cat flu), chlamydiose (feline chlamydophilosis), and leucose, (feline leukaemia virus "FeLV"). The test for FIV/FeLV is strongly recommended.

- Who have been vaccinated within the last 12 months

- Treated for worms (8 days before arrival) and fleas (48h before arrival)


Run by professional with over 26 years' experience

Holder of a certificat de capacité

Who is always ready and willing to listen to your wishes and needs

EDENCATS cattery offers a quality service: spacious and confortable ROOMS, heated in winter. Each room has its own garden the cats will appreciate the calm, countryside setting.


is cleaned with eco friendly, organic, plant based products.
They are safe and respect humans, animals and our planet.

In the event of health problems, veterinary care will be available.
Your cat will be isolated in the medical room and we will provide treatment according to a veterinarian's prescription.
You will be informed and your wishes will be respected.

Bulle, 25 years old the oldest cat at Edencats
yougest cats at Edencats aged of 6 weeks old

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Eden Cats, pension pour chats dans le Lot et Garonne 47

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