EDEN CATS's cattery is :.................

                   ......A renovated 80m2 building and perfectly insulated


With SAPCIOUS ROOMS and CONFORTABLES are equipped with little houses, cat trees, sleep shelves, baskets, soft cushions and heating in winter.
Each ROOM has a window and a cat flap for easy access to its individual garden at all times.


Entrance cattery Entrance Hall The medical room

Aloysha, Go on, I dare you to find a more relaxed cat than me ! Bounty, That feels good for my claws !. Bushido et Catalan, What's this interesting little ball !
Distinguet( in cat speech ) : " I rub, I rub, I love you, I love you " ! Eden in the shade of the foliage. Catalan, It's raining daisies !
Jiminy, rest and relaxation after exercise. Joy daydreaming away in the shade ! Lilie, I love being stroked by my little owner
Lottie, Some exercise to keep in shape ! Minou, Hello to all my friends, I'm on holiday in EDEN CATS, where the sun & peace and quiet are recharging my batteries ! Mistigrette, I love the soft toys !
Phébus, There's a nice view from the kitchen !

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Eden Cats, pension pour chats dans le Lot et Garonne 47

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